The Flight Pack

Every traveller dreams of stepping onto a plane with just the bare essentials; taking off into the sunset with a sleek and well-organized carry-on in tow. The reality is that most airport escapades are far less glamorous. We’re all familiar with the song and dance of rummaging through a bulky bag, searching for liquids while trying to make it through security as quickly as possible.


Leave it to Gloria Chik, a savvy traveller with a background in marketing, to come up with a solution for jet-setting millennials. The Toronto-based entrepreneur spent a year perfecting her first travel product under the ROGUE STORIES brand: The Flight Pack. Designed for “people daring to do,” The Flight Pack is a minimal and modular travel bag with detachable compartments, allowing for effortless organization of your goods while you’re on the move.


One look at The Flight Pack and you’ll notice that Gloria has put some serious thought into the details. The water resistant exterior is made with quality vegan leather. Inside, you’ll find four TSA friendly bottles. Overall style was not overlooked, with hints of gunmetal and mesh adding to the slick aesthetic.


Clearly, Gloria has done her research. After noting her travel pet peeves (such as packing things she didn’t end up using) and surveying other travellers, she set out to create a clutter-free travel bag. In a new blog post, she goes into detail about the inspiration behind the product.


The Flight Pack will be launching on Kickstarter on August 2nd. Ahead of the campaign, we’ve partnered with the brand on a #ROGUESTORIES giveaway. Enter below for a chance to win The Flight Pack and carry-on cocktail kit (valued at $150)! And be sure to watch out for The Flight Pack in one of Here & There Magazine’s upcoming packing guides – this product could be a biz trip game changer.


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The Flight Pack by #ROGUESTORIES Giveaway is open to readers of Here & There Magazine. No purchase necessary. The winner will be announced on August 2nd, 2017.






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