A view towards Prospect Bay Village, Nova Scotia

Photo Series

Prospect Bay, Nova Scotia

By Aleyah Solomon

Hike along the Atlantic Ocean

Though winter is not a popular time of year for hiking in Nova Scotia, the view along the trail in Prospect Bay makes the crisp air worth the trek. Situated just 22.9 kilometres from Halifax, the Chebucto Peninsula offers a panoramic view of the Atlantic Ocean. Bustling with tourists in the summer, the winter months offer a quiet walk for those who dare to brave the strong winds and cold temperatures.

A look to the Atlantic Ocean from the Chebucto Peninsula, Nova Scotia
Through the bush towards the Atlantic Ocean, Prospect Bay, Nova Scotia
Choppy waves and a high surf - Atlantic Ocean, East Coast Canada
Hiking along the Chebucto Peninsula, Nova Scotia
Prospect Bay hiking trail with an ocean view, Nova Scotia
Open space in Prospect Bay along the hiking trail
Nova Scotia hiking trail - Prospect Bay
Following the Prospect Bay trail - Nova Scotia
Walking up a rocky hill in Prospect Bay, Nova Scotia
A view towards Prospect Bay Village from the trail
The Prospect Bay church seen in the distance from the hiking trail
A view towards Prospect Bay Village, Nova Scotia
An abondoned house with signs for passing cars to see - Prospect Bay, Nova Scotia






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