Volume One



Mary Grisey: Weaving Warrior

A rescued one-eyed pug is the newest member of what Mary Grisey calls her “spirit club.” It was love at first sight, just like the instant connection the Toronto-based artist had with the dark goddesses and Greek ruins that inspired her previous jewelry collections.  ▶▶▶


Derrick Piens: Nature in Abstract

If you look at Derrick Piens’ sculptures long enough, you might see a face looking back at you. The Toronto-based artist takes a definitively abstract approach to his work by creating unidentifiable objects that are open to viewer interpretation.  ▶▶▶

Sid Neigum: Dressed in Black

It isn’t uncommon for offices to be cluttered with paper, but Sid Neigum’s is swimming in a sea of origami. When the Toronto-based fashion designer was seeking inspiration for his spring/summer 2016 collection, he turned to his love of geometry and began folding paper. ▶▶▶

Hilary MacMillan: Refining Wearable

When Hilary MacMillan glided onto the Canadian fashion scene in 2012, there was an audible murmur of appreciation among Toronto’s stylish young professionals.  ▶▶▶

Gladstone Hotel:

Sleeping in a Work of Art

Walk into the Gladstone Hotel and you’ll likely feel a palpable mixture of rich history and new artistic voices. In the last 126 years, Toronto’s oldest hotel has transitioned from respectable social club to flophouse to hipster hub.  ▶▶▶

The Ivy at Verity: Urban Retreat

Floral aromas are thick in the air and the sound of clinking glasses and laughter echo below. You might think you’re sitting on a private terrace in Paris but who needs to take an eight-hour flight when you can have the convenience of a staycation in Toronto? ▶▶▶

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