Volume One



Jenna Gribbon: If These Walls Could Talk

The paradox of a silent room filled with talking people could only exist in a portraitist’s salon. If you’re friends with Jenna Gribbon, you might find yourself the subject of one of her paintings: captured mid-conversation and surrounded by surrealism. ▶▶▶

Hisham Akira Bharoocha: Visual Vibrations

Meditating in his Brooklyn apartment, artist Hisham Akira Bharoocha let’s the sounds of New York City’s morning chaos wash over him.  ▶▶▶

Tia Cibani: All Around The World

Sometimes, life has a way of coming full circle. When Tia Cibani designed her Chelsea house five years ago, she knew she had all the global inspiration necessary to create the home and business of her dreams.  ▶▶▶

Lindsay Degen: Technicolour Dream Knits

When you’re lost in an industrial building in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, everything starts to look the same. We’re here to meet knitwear designer Lindsay Degen, a task that’s proving to be difficult in a maze of grey concrete.  ▶▶▶

Yotel: Mile High In Midtown

With purple neon lights, computerized kiosks and the world’s first luggage-storing robot in the lobby, Yotel brings a Tokyo-esque touch to Midtown Manhattan.  ▶▶▶

The Quin: A New Kind Of Luxury

It’s a magical thing when a Beaux-Arts building is revived to not only reflect the spirit of its artistic past, but also the thrill of the future.  ▶▶▶

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