Volume One



Céline Cassone: Muscle Memory

When Céline Cassone first arrived in Montreal, she knew she was home. The feeling was immediate, “like coup de foudre,” as she describes in her native French tongue.  ▶▶▶

LLY Atelier: Forged and Found

Jewelry designer Agathe Bodineau is as hardcore as the wearable sculptures she creates. But really, would you expect anything less from a self-confessed night owl who wields a blowtorch on the regular?  ▶▶▶

Eran Elfassy and Elisa Dahan: The House of Mackage

Walking into Mackage’s showroom feels like stepping into coat heaven. Even on a warm day, the parkas hanging seem to beckon us into a down-filled daydream.  ▶▶▶

Eve Gravel: Femme Locale

Montreal can feel like a world of infinite opportunity, especially when you’re a small town girl from Chicoutimi, Quebec. At age 18, fashion designer Eve Gravel knew that something bigger was waiting for her in the city.  ▶▶▶

W Montreal: A Stylish Stay

Ask anyone who works in fashion about where to stay in Montreal and they’ll likely point you in the direction of the neon blue W. Around the world, that single letter has become synonymous with sleek interiors and up-to-the-minute style.  ▶▶▶

Renaissance Montreal: Look Again

The Marriott’s once conservative hotel chain has now gone hipster. You could even say the brand is ushering in a renaissance of its own.  ▶▶▶

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