Volume One



Magnus Sodamin: Painting Atlantis

There’s a hauntingly beautiful feeling about being on the open water, waiting for sunrise in the pitch black unknown.  ▶▶▶

Wynwood Art District: Beyond Basel

The desolate fringes of Wynwood feel like an industrial wasteland in a tropical dystopia.  ▶▶▶

Julian Chang: Reviving Art Deco Chic

As we step off the elevator and into Julian Chang’s Miami Beach apartment, smooth jazz, glass sculptures and a view of the sea summon our senses.  ▶▶▶

Lisu Vega: The Eye Of The Designer

They say that eyes are the windows to the soul but for Lisu Vega, they’re also a source of artistic inspiration. Occasionally, even a doctor’s visit can spark a vision.  ▶▶▶

Eden Roc Miami Beach: Revitalizing Glamour

It’s a rare thing when a historical hotel can hold onto its golden age allure yet reinvent itself for the modern traveller. If the spirit of mid-century glam still lives in the 305, you’ll likely find it inside Eden Roc Miami Beach’s neo-baroque walls.  ▶▶▶

Circa 39: A Travel-Inspired Oasis

The spirit of wanderlust often conjures up visions of vibrant textiles, eclectic souvenirs and inspirational quotes from the everlasting explorer.  ▶▶▶

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