DCXV: Artist Adrien Saporiti Believes in Nashville

Nashville may be most famous for its music but when it comes to visual creativity, the city’s walls say it all. Sometimes, all you need are three colours, four simple words and one person with a vision to make an impact. These days, it’s impossible to go to Tennessee’s capital without taking note of Adrien Saporiti’s famous mural and the people snapping selfies in front of it. The design is minimal, featuring iconic stars and stripes, and the words “I BELIEVE IN NASHVILLE” in bold. Just like a catchy chorus, the phrase has struck a chord in the hearts of locals and visitors alike. For artist Saporiti, the mural was a creative experiment, a way to showcase his love for the city. Since painting the first wall in 2012 in the 12South neighbourhood, the Nashville native has watched street art transform city. In the process, his own design and apparel brand, DCXV Industries, has flourished.


Launching DCXV with the goal of showing that the Nashville lifestyle encompasses more than country music and whiskey, Saporiti has become known for his murals and locally designed and printed clothing. His company, right down to the name (Roman numerals for 615, Nashville’s area code), is practically a love letter to the place he calls home.


“The reality is that Nashville is a cosmopolitan city with more in common with LA than Birmingham,” says Saporiti. “I don’t really play to the stereotype because everyone already knows those tropes, but they may not know how diverse the people of Nashville really are. All I can do is create what I know and see. For things related to Nashville, that pulls from all walks of life, styles and genres.”


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Words by Here & There Magazine's Editorial Team

Photos by Aleyah Solomon

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